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A Tribute to Elvis - from Boggie Woggie to Rock'n'Roll with The Jonny Boston Quartet (Amsterdam/London)

The music of Elvis Presley (Born 1935) holds in it all the elements of Jazz. The First influences of Gospel he heard in church as a child, and later the Blues, Country and Rock'n'Roll, itself a product of Blues and Boogie-woogie. Elvis fused all of these with electric guitars and in the 50's gave birth to a new sound: Rock'n'Roll, combining all of the above, and by the late 60's, he was styled "The King".

In this program, the timeless songs of Elvis will receive a Jazz and saxophone treatment, with songs such as "Crying in the Chapel", "It's Now or Never", "Don't be Cruel" and more performed by the magnificent Jonny Boston Quartet.



Jonny Boston Vocals & Tenor Saxophone

Jan Willem van Delft Piano

Pierre Dunker Bass

Tom Nieuwenhuijse Drums

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