About the concert

A tribute to the Lady Blues Singers with Yolanda Robinson & The Eyal Vilner Big Band (New Orleans/New York)

The Blues is the most prominent branch to grow out of the tree of Jazz, ever since the early days of New Orleans. The great Blues singers: Bessie Smith, Alberta Hunter, Mahalia Jackson and Billie Holiday (and others) paved the way for what are considered Jazz vocals today. In a way, Jazz and Blues are asymmetrical twins. Each has its own unique traits, but they also share a lot and complete each other.

All these singers showed unique abilities along their respective careers, and their songs will be celebrated at our Festival. Songs like “Swing Brother, Swing”, “Walk in Jerusalem” and “Come Sunday” were part of the great Blues hits of the time.


Yolanda Robinson Vocals

Eyal Vilner Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Arrangements & Conduction

Ofer Shapira Alto Saxophone & Clarinet

Yehonatan Cohen Tenor Saxophone

Erez Bar Noi Tenor Saxophone

Yonatan Peled Tormbone

Yonatan Ricklis Piano

Tamir Shmerling Bass

Yonatan Rosen Drums

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