Picture of Event: All The World is Dixieland

All The World is Dixieland

Hot Jazz Shows for Kids 2019-20
Tel Aviv Museum of Art Recanati Auditorium (location map)
Saturday, November 02 2019 11:00
Event duration 60 minutes
price 90 ₪

About the concert

The Chicago Stompers (Milano)

A one of a kind oppertunity to get to know the Chicago jazz scene of the 20's!


The Chicago Stompers specialize in playing and performing "Dixie" Jazz, which originated in the American South and later grew in popularity, conquering the Chicago Jazz scene. This style of Jazz is infused with blues and composed for concerts as well as dancing.

The group is composed of six members, playing Saxophone, Clarinet, Trombone, Banjo, Drums and Tuba. The Tuba in particular is a rare treat – unlike other groups, here the Tuba plays the bass part.

Beyond their commitment to old-school music, they also dress and wear their hair in the style of the 20's, with shined shoes and authentic clothing. But most of all, their music is that of joy and rhythm.


Mauro L. Porro Cornet, Saxophone, Vocals & Arrangements

Ben Perry Host

Lorenzo Baldasso Clarinet & Saxophone

Giorgio Gallina Trombone

Dario Lavizzari Banjo & Guitar

Paolo A. Vanzulli Tuba

Fabrizio Carriero Drums & Percussion


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