Picture of Event: Boogie Woogie Dancers (for Kids)

Boogie Woogie Dancers (for Kids)

New Orleans Jazz Festival in Tel Aviv 2020
Tel Aviv Museum of Art Recanati Auditorium (location map)
Saturday, June 20 2020 11:00
Event duration 60 minutes

About the concert

Special Kids Show - The Gypsy Magic – A Tribute to “Django” Reinhardt with Tcha Limberger & the Gypsy Passion Trio (Paris)

A special show for children that will unravel the wonder melodies, laughter and joy of the Gypsy way of life, as it became intertwined with the rise of Jazz in 1930’s Paris. Still, this is Jazz. The improvisations, the beats and the groove are all there, and Gypsy music helped make Jazz happier and more up-beat. Four fantastic musicians team up with host Lavi Zitner to bring the magic of Django Reinhardt to the stage.



Lavi Zitner Host

Tcha Limberger Violin & Vocals

Sebastian Girardot Bass

Dave Kelbie Guitar

Sebastian Giniaux Guitar


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