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Edith Piaf in New Orleans with the Isradixie Band and singer Deborah Benassoli (Israel)

The life of Edith Piaf (born 1915) runs alongside the growth of New Orleans Jazz, on both sides of the Atlantic. It was just a matter of time before the songs of French Cabaret merge with the Jazz of New Orleans.

Abraham Felder, leader of the Isradixie band, worked with French born singer Deborah Benassoli who also spent time in New York acquainting herself with Jazz at the start f her career, to bring forth a truly unique project. This will be a fascinating merger of Swing Cabaret and American Dixie, between the somber emotions of New Orleans and the melancholy of Paris. "La Vie en Rose", "C'est Si Bon", "Milord" and "Petite Fleur" will be the highlights of this show.

We will also take this opportunity to celebrate a special 90th birthday to two of our finest saxophone players: Jess Koren and Morton Kam, who for decades now have been a cornerstone of the local Jazz scene.



Abraham Felder Artistic Management, Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Morton Kam Clarinet and Tenor Sax

Jack Saniago Soprano Sax

Yossi Regev Trombone

Aharoni Benari Banjo

Amir David Drums

Shay Buxbaum Tuba

Paul Derek Mor Washing Board, Ukulele, Banjo

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