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Ellington's Tone

Hot Jazz Shows for Kids 2019-20
Tel Aviv Museum of Art Recanati Auditorium (location map)
Saturday, February 08 2020 11:00
Event duration 60 minutes
Price 90 ₪

About the concert

Small group - Huge virtuoso's - a fabulous & touching show!


Duke Ellington was perhaps the most famous Jazz composer. He loved writing for all instruments and wrote wherever he happened to be – in the kitchen, in bed and even in the bathtub! He wrote an astonishing amount of songs that every jazz musician out there knows and plays. He also had a Big Band, of his own, and loved his fellow players a whole lot.

Saxophonist Rosario Giuliani and pianist Dado Moroni took some of Duke's wonderful music and arranged it for the smallest musical group: a Duo. Rosario & Dado are two masterful musicians that can play at any rhythm & every speed. Each one of them has perfect control of his instrument. It's going to be fascinating to see a piece composed for a Big Band played by only two players – and two so well accomplished ones, at that. See you there!



Rosario Giuliani Saxophone

Dado Moroni Piano

Lavi Zitner Host


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