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From New Orleans to Harlem - a Lecture accompanied by Dancers & Musicians with Eyal Vilner, Swing it dancers & Musicians (New York/Israel)

For the last several years, Eyal Vilner has focused, besides writing, composing and playing Jazz, on studying the world of Jazz Dancing. In this lecture, Vilner will review the different styles of dancing that grew parallel to Jazz: from Steps to the Charleston, Lindyhop and Swing and all the way until they emigrated from New Orleans to Chicago and Harlem – where they still influence modern dance styles such as Pop and Hip-Hop.

Demonstrations will be provided by four dancers, and the lecture will be accompanied by live music.



Eyal Vilner Saxophone & Clarinet

Ron Duvrovinsky Dance

Sharon Duvrovinsky Dance

Tomer Bernard Dance

Revital Englander Dance

Yonatan Ricklis Piano

Ram Erez Bass

Yonatan Rosen Drums

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