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Hot Five 1920! – Louis Armstrong with the South West Old-time All Stars (Berlin)

The South West Oldtime All Stars dedicate their repertoire to the Jazz of the 1920's. With authentic sound, and accompanied by both Standing Bass and Sousaphone, the band has a multilayered and expansive repertoire.

Hot Five was the name of the band with whom Louis Armstrong recorded his early pieces. The bands revolutionary use of Cornet, Clarinet and Trombone – bringing them to the forefront – as well as mastery of group improvisation, served as the basis for early Jazz music. "Wild Man Blues", "West End Blues", "Hotter Than That" and many more staples will all be played for your listening pleasure.



Gary Fuhrmann Clarinet

Felix Fromm Trombone

Rolf Langhans Piano

Heiko Duffner Banjo

Matthew Bookert Sousaphone

Thomas Stabenow Bass

Martin Auer Trumpet

Trevor Richards Drums

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