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In the Mood with the The Swing Dance Orchestra (Berlin)

The Swing Dance Orchestra from Berlin are considered one of the world's best. Their stated goal is to revive the golden days of Big Bands & Swing: the glorious 20's and 30's. This was a time when music was mostly for dancing, and The Swing Dance Orchestra will take the audience on a journey to the sparkling nights of "Jeepers Creepers", "Reefer Man", "A Tisket A Tasket" and of course, the titular "In The Mood" – guaranteed to get the crowd moving in their seats!


Andrej Hermlin Piano & Musical Management

Rachel Hermlin Vocals

David Hermlin Vocals & Drums

Joerg von Nolting Trumpet

Frank Bach Clarinet & Alto Saxophone

Stefan Schaetzke Clarinet & Tenor Saxophone

Lars Juling Trombone

Michael Waterstradt  Bass

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