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The Kings of New Orleans with Tcha Limberger & the Gypsy Passion Trio (Paris)

Louis Armstrong and Sydney Bechet were two cornerstones of early Jazz, with both taking the first steps of their musical career in New Orleans. Down the line, both led bands which left an undeniable impression on the Jazz scene, thanks in large to the repertoire and charismatic leadership of the two musicians.

In this show, with international Soloist Tcha Limberger from Belgium (Violin, Guitar and more) and his quartet, the audience will be able to reacquaint with the string of hits and masterpieces of these two kings of early Jazz, which later became standards of the emerging Jazz repertoire. "China Boy", "For Bechet: Fantasia on Themes of a New Orleans Jazzman" and "Someday", among others, will all be part of this unique one-of-a-time program for the New Orleans in Tel Aviv Jazz Festival.


Tcha Limberger Violin & Vocals

Sebastian Girardot Bass

Dave Kelbie Guitar

Sebastian Giniaux Guitar

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