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A Tribute to Benny Goodman & Billie Holiday

The virtuoso French clarinet player, Aurélie Tropez with the great singer from the USA, Monique B. Thomas, together with the Ram Erez Sextet will perform an exciting tribute to the King of Swing and the Queen of the Blues.

The clarinet player Benny Goodman is considered by many to be the "King of Swing". Already at a young age he founded an orchestra and began playing dance music for thousands of fans. In 1933, Benny Goodman's producer, John Hammond, heard Billie Holiday, who was only 18 years old at the time and was captivated by her voice and made the connection between her and Benny Goodman. Since then, despite stylistic differences (he played swing and she sang mainly blues), they performed many times together.

Aurélie Tropez developed her own very personal style which is a combination of New Orleans and Swing. She started the clarinet at the age of 8 in the south of France. Five years later, she made her debut in jazz. The National Conservatory in Nice awarded her a gold medal in classical saxophone. She studied jazz in Aix-en-Provence and then in Paris.

After studying the great clarinet masters as Jimmy Hamilton, Benny Goodman and Buddy de Franco Aurélie Tropez now lives in suburban Paris, performing regularly on the clarinet as well as the saxophone as a free-lance musician in many different groups from duets to big bands with great Success.

Monique Thomas, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a unique vocalist, who’s specialty is being fluent in many different styles of music. From jazz to soul, gospel to pop, this multi-faceted singer can switch genres in a heartbeat, while maintaining her artistic integrity and bringing something fresh to whatever she sings.

after receiving her degree in jazz from William Paterson University, she moved to France and worked as a vocal coach and choir director and head of the vocal department at the CIAM music school in Bordeaux. She also earned her opera degree from the Bordeaux Conservatory.


Monique B. Thomas Vocals (Farnce/ USA)

Aurélie Tropez Clarinet (France)

Ram Erez Sextet

Ram Erez Bass & Musical Director

Jonathan Kozlovsky Trumpet

Yuval Drabkin Saxophone

Yoav Trifman Trombone

Yonatan Riklis Piano

Doron Tirosh Drums


Photos: Peter Vit/ Yoel Levy /Yoav Trifman /Jan Luley / Emi Photographe/ Yossi Zwecker


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