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Louis Louis Louis

Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Assia Hall (location map)
Thursday, May 30 2024 at 17:00
Event duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Price 169 - 199 NIS

About the concert

The three "Louis’s" are a phenomenon from the early days of jazz, the coming of the swing era, and beyond. They all led bands, were charismatic and enjoyable, and besides being great artists - were also entertainers.

Louis Jordan was a saxophonist and clarinetist, singer, songwriter and entered the Hall of Fame of Rock 'n' Roll. Jordan was a hit-making machine that filled the dance floors with daring blues songs and bouncy swing.

Louis Prima was a singer, trumpet player, the king of the swingers as he was known, and was also a voice-dubbing actor in the early days of film. His voice is familiar to us from the movie ‘The Jungle Book’, and from the huge hit ‘Just A Gigolo’.

Louis Armstrong, who needs no introduction, was a trumpeter, singer, "inventor and developer” of musical styles at the beginning of the Jazz Age.

This will be an interesting meeting, which will present the diverse music sung by all three, their rich repertoire and of course three captivating artists, who were considered, each in their own field, to have contributed to the shaping of jazz. Their immortal songs: ‘Pennies from Heaven, ‘When Your Smilin’, ‘Five Guys Named Mo’ and more, will accompany us during the evening.



Ray Gelto Saxophone & Vocals

Michael Varekamp Trumpet & Vocals

Denny Ilett Guitar & Vocals

Uli Wunner Clarinet & Saxophone

Harry Kanters Piano 

Bruno Rousselet Bass

Rony Holan Drums


photos by: Peter Vit/ Yossi Zwecker/ Stephane Barthold www.jazzcaen.com / Piet Gispen/ Luca Vantusso/ Hanson Leatherby 


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