Picture of Event: The Saxophones Summit

The Saxophones Summit

Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Assia Hall (location map)
Saturday, June 1 2024 at 11:00
Event duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Price 169 - 199 NIS

About the concert

In 1861 the saxophone was the last wind instrument to be invented but it was then in fact rejected by most classicists.  It was brought to New Orleans by immigrants from Europe, and was "displayed" in Congo Square, New Orleans, in the second decade of the last century.  The musicians eventually embraced it and still love it, very much, to this day.  Since then the saxophone has been synonymous with jazz and its sound is very much characteristic of jazz.  The versatile saxophone can be melancholy, can be heard in ballads, but is also wild and jazzy.

The famous songs and melodies of the saxophone: ‘Cottontail’, ‘Tea for Two’, ‘Tickle Toe’ - will all be played during this ‘Saxophone Summit’.

Since the beginning of his career Ray Gelato has performed at Carnegie Hall, the Blue Note and the Lincoln Center in New York and even at Sir Paul McCartney's wedding.  He opened Robbie Williams' show at the Albert Hall, has appeared twice before the late Queen of England, as well as many times at the Jazz Festival in Umbria, the Montreal Festival, the North Sea and more. Ray's shows are always sold out, for every good reason. His musical groupings always radiate the joy of life with lively, dance-to entertainment.  And even if you don't dance at this show, rest assured that you will leave in an uplifted mood.

Uli Wunner simply loves to play jazz. With his incomparable sound and wit, Wunner is one of Europe's most respected clarinet and saxophone players.  His passion for New Orleans jazz led him to meet and play with some of the scene's greatest artists.  He fuses his true Bavarian roots with Brazilian rhythms and a New Orleans soul.

He also founded the band ‘Storyville Shakers’ and performed with them for over 40 years. He has been a guest at the famous Ascona Jazz Festival for 30 years, where he has performed with icons such as Shannon Powell, Gerald French, Lucien Barbarin and many others.  Since his first stay in New Orleans in 1979, he has made regular pilgrimages to the mother-city of jazz.  He is a welcome guest in the inner circle of musicians from New Orleans and has appeared in some of the well-known clubs there such as Sonesta Playhouse, Preservation Hall, and Palm Court. The legendary drummer of New Orleans, Gerald French, after a session at the Sonesta Playhouse stated: "you sound great man, like one of us”.

Maestro Jacques Sany is one of the most senior jazz players in Israel. With the sound of his fiery saxophone, he brings the spirit of Sidney Bechet, the Creole who imigrated from New Orleans to Paris and conquered the world of music.  Jacques, born in Algiers, started his career on the clarinet but switched to the saxophone and upon immigrating to Israel he became a much sought-after musician, and since then he has been performing with artists from abroad and of course with Avraham Felder's Dixieland Group.


Ray Gelato Saxophone & Vocals (London)

Uli Wunner Saxophone & Clarinet (Berlin)                      

Jacques Sany Soprano Saxophone

Denny Ilett Guitar  & Vocals (London)

Harry Kanters Piano (Amsterdam)

Bruno Rousselet Bass (Paris)

Rony Holan Drums

photos by: Ian Reid/ Etienne Van Laere/ Piet Gispen/ Peter Vit/ Yossi Zwecker / Luca Vantusso LKV Photo Agency / Leonardo Di Lorenzo/ Stephane Barthold www.jazzcaen.com


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