Picture of Event: The Trumpet Summit in a Dixieland Style

The Trumpet Summit in a Dixieland Style

Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Assia Hall (location map)
Saturday, June 1 2024 at 14:00
Event duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Price 169 - 199 NIS

About the concert

The trumpet is one of the main instruments of the music that developed in New Orleans. "Who plays the loudest" and "who plays the highest" contests were held frequently in turn-of-the-century New Orleans.  Famous musicians such as Buddy Bolden, Freddie Keppard, Bunk Johnson, "King" Oliver and of course Louis Armstrong were among the stars of that scene.   As every year. we will dedicate this special program to the trumpet - and this time in a bouncy Dixieland tone.

Each trumpeter will bring his own personal style to the performance.

Michael Varekamp, who always includes performances for children and youth, dedicates a large part of his performances to Louis Armstrong. Michael is the lead trumpeter in the legendary Dutch Swing College Band.  His trumpet sounds are played on soundtracks for various films, as well as in various radio and television productions.

Michael Supnick, the great trumpetist from USA, after graduating the Berklee College of Music has toured extensively all over the world. He was the artistic director of the International Jazz Day festivities in Albania and has participated in many jazz festivals, as Republica di San Marino, New Orleans Jazz Festival in Ascona (Switzerland), Umbria Jazz, Dresden (Germany), Riverboat Festival (Denmark). Michael has published 12 CDs under his own name and has over 100 recording credits. As well as working as a musician he also enjoys acting in theater, films, and also published his first complete novel.

Eli Preminger brings the sounds of New Orleans that he heard and played during his stay in America and New Orleans in particular, and is one of the most active trumpeters in the Israeli jazz scene.  He has studied and played with some of the best musicians in traditional jazz. 

Three trumpeters - three approaches and the one thing that unites them is the traditional New Orleans repertoire.


Michael Varekamp Trumpet (Amsterdam)

Michael Supnick Trumpet (Rome)

Eli Preminger Trumpet

Dean Tsur Saxophone

Yaron Ouzana Trombone

Hila Kulik Piano

Bruno Rousselet Bass (Paris)

Dor Bar Av Washing Board

Yoni Halevi Drums


photos: Patrick Martineau/ Maya Iltus/ Peter Vit/ Daniel Fainberg/ Tomer Gilat/ Stephane Barthold www.jazzcaen.com/ Demitry Mokarenko DM Pro



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