Picture of Event: Tribute to the Great Female Singers: Billie, Ella, Sarah

Tribute to the Great Female Singers: Billie, Ella, Sarah

Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Assia Hall (location map)
Friday, May 31 2024 at 21:30
Event duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Price 169 - 199 NIS

About the concert

Above all, jazz is identified with the voice of the great singers who made this music eternal.  Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and others, were larger than life women, whose performances of these timeless beautiful love songs still touch the heart and will remain there forever.  Singer Nicolle Rochelle together with the six members of Eli Preminger's Ensemble, will dedicate this evening to both the well-known and lesser-known songs of these legendary divas.

The story of these ‘jazz women’ is a story of love, a story of connecting the human voice to the story of jazz.  Each one and the story of her life that epitomizes her style of singing.  These jazz singers were powerful women who, from the dawn of the style's development, were the center of interest - and the center of the stage.  There can be no jazz without singing - and these important female singers each shaped the world in her own way.  Ella, Billy, Aretha, Sarah, Nina, Diana - the list of excellent female singers is both long and very respectable.


Nicolle Rochelle Vocals (Paris) 

Eli Preminger Trumpet

Amnon Ben Artzi  Trombone

Jess Koren Saxophone

Ilan Smilan Banjo

Tal Kuan Contrabass

Rani Birenbaum Drums

photos by: Paul Evrard/ Chen Wagshall/ Peter Vit/ Piet Gispen


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